How To Create Fun Wedding Guest Photo's

Have fun with your wedding guests and create some funny portrait photographs.

Whilst photographing a wedding it's sometimes tricky to get a good photo of all the guests enjoying themselves. Sure it's easy to capture a picture of the lively and outgoing people, but how about the more reserved guests? How can you create a fun photo of the guests that prefer to keep a lower profile? Well after a bit of thought and inspiration from Pinterest I have recently solved the problem.

During a less hectic time of the day, such as just after the speeches and before the bride and groom's first dance, I'll take a few fun portraits of some of the guests. Then when I'm editing the photos I'll collate the images and create a photomontage.

It's a great way to capture some really fun photographs, and works with guests of all ages. The photos can be as funny or silly as you dare and as I normally shoot the pictures away from the other guests nobody needs to feel embarrassed. 

Create a fun photomontage of your wedding guests.

I tried out the idea at the last few weddings I photographed and the feedback has been great. I will definitely be using the idea again from now on. I might even use some props next time !

Do you have a fun way to photograph guests at a wedding? If so, leave a comment and let me know. I'd love to hear from you and share any ideas.