Stand out from the crowd with a creative set of website photographs for your Sussex business. Photo © Scott Ramsey

Stand out from the crowd with a creative set of website photographs for your Sussex business. Photo © Scott Ramsey


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Storytelling images for business websites & blogs. Eyecatching staff, product and premises photography to enhance websites and engage with visitors.


For many businesses, their website is their shop front, a place to tell their story, connect with customers, sell their products and promote their brand. That's why it's crucial you get it right, and choose the right website photographer, the saying "a picture is worth a thousand words" is so true when it comes to website photography.

So how do you get it right, or should I say how do I go about creating images for a businesses website? 
Firstly don't rely on stock images. A good website tells the story of the business and shows visitors to the site the store, staff and products. So make it personal and commission a bespoke set of high-quality business photographs, it makes all the difference. 

Secondly, you need to think about the style and feel you would like the images to have. When I'm hired to work with a client, the first thing I do is arrange a meeting with the owner or manager and talk about the business. I find out why they do what they do, who their clients are, what drives them each day. I discover the passion they have for their business and learn how they started and where they want to be in the future.

Why does this matter? Because the photographs I create for their website need to be relevant to their business and not their competitors. I often talk about how a good photograph will make us feel something, sad, happy, amused whatever it is and creating an image that makes the viewer feel something is crucial. It's all about the story of the business, and I need to portray that in my photographs as the message the viewer gets needs to be the correct one.

"All sounds a bit arty Scott, all I need is a few images of my business!" 

Ok, I get it but stick with me, and I'll explain more. Let's imagine we have two businesses in Brighton who both need a set of awesome photos for their website. They both have shops in the city and want to hire me, well that's a good start, so I arrange a meeting. Business A is a global brand, located in a Churchill Square (a modern shopping centre). Their store is very modern, and their customers are aged between 16 - 21. Business B, on the other hand, is located in The Lanes (the city's historic quarter full of antiques and jewellery shops nestling alongside specialist contemporary and designer boutique fashion) and is owned by two friends. They met while backpacking around the world and set up their business, which they ran from home for a while, and opened their first shop a couple of years ago. They are passionate about their products and treat their customers like friends. 

Clearly, two very different businesses that require an entirely different approach. 

Business A's photos need to feel cool, clean and stylish. For them, it's all about the designer products and their young customers. The images need to feel more Instagram and Snapchat then retro and above all, they need to be fun, vibrant, loud and funky.

Business B is entirely different. Their photos need to feel warm and cosy. Think of a soft leather armchair, tasty coffee and cool hipster moustaches. The images need to portray the staff, their personality and the tell the story of the owners and the business. It's personal for these guys.



To help a business stand out online I find their story, thats how I create unique and relevent website images.

The images on each businesses website, need to engage with their customers and immediately make them feel at home. They need to complement the brand, be informative, show the products or services and introduce new customers to the business and staff. 
And above all, they need to feel like they belong to your business and not your competitors.

So if you need a set of storytelling photographs for your website or maybe you’re a website designer working on a new project for a client lets talk. I'm available for hire to cover assignments in Brighton, Worthing, Sussex and the UK and as every project is different and budgets vary I charge by the hour. So hit the button below and contact me with some details about your business or project and let's arrange a meeting, the first coffee's on me, and I'll be happy to offer some advice.