A coffee drinking bearded visual content creator addicted to social media and often found at the beach.
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Social Media Photography

Creative photography is a must for social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and of course Instagram, however, keeping those updates flowing can be a real challenge. Take the stress out of trying to find relevant content for your social media marketing campaign by letting me take a professional set of photographs. It's a perfect match, and a brilliant way to engage with your followers and find new customers. 


Website Photography

Storytelling images for business websites & blogs. Eyecatching staff, product and premises photography to enhance websites and engage with visitors. The internet is a noisy old place these days, everyone seems to have a website or blog! Stay ahead of the competition with a set of website photographs specific to your business, brand or company.


Video Production

Creative, engaging and entertaining videos, short films and mini-documentaries for a wide range of businesses and event organisers. I use a mix of beautiful footage and an emotive soundtrack to create social media films and video for websites. High quality, cost-effective and above all engaging!


The story of Pancake Flavoured Tea created at The Bluebird Tea Co in Brighton, Sussex. Filmed by Brighton visual content creator Scott Ramsey.


Stock Photography

Taking photographs every day for 30 years, I've built up an extensive library of high-quality editorial and stock photographs. A selection of these images is available to licence as Creative Rights Managed and Royalty Free stock photographs through the Alamy Photo Agency. Ranging from landscape and seascape photographs of Sussex and Cornwall through to documentary and feature photos taken in Worthing and Brighton, the collection is regularly updated. 


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Bio - Scott Ramsey

I’m a visual content creator, photographer, Periscope & Facebook live broadcaster, social media manager, Blogger, YouTuber, bearded coffee drinker.

Based near Worthing in Sussex I’m available for hire across South East England and the UK, in fact if the project is interesting enough I’ll travel the world ;-) I work with small and large businesses to create great visual content for social media updates, websites and offline projects whilst working on my own documentary work.

I shoot editorial & stock photography, love tech, prefer Apple over Microsoft, always have something to charge and can often be found at the beach.

Oh yes, I still think an image can change the world and I have a curly moustache like Hercule Poirot!

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Sussex Photographer & Visual Content Creator

Photographer in Sussex - Covering Worthing, Brighton and the UK


Not All Photographers Are The Same

I've been a professional photographer and a visual content creator in Sussex for 30 years, you could say it's in my blood. My father was a photographer, and I started taking photos as a boy and had my first photo published in the Daily Mirror aged 13. Photography, and in recent year's video, to me has and will always be a way of telling a story, and over the years I've worked on some of the UK's biggest news stories and had my images published in national and international newspapers and magazines. Along with my editorial work I often work with small businesses and global companies who commission me to tell the story of their business, brand or product. 
My unique set of photography skills and ability to craft a story with emotive and beautiful still and moving images makes me one of the leading visual content creators in the UK. I travel regularly across Sussex covering assignments in Worthing and Brighton, and often self-fund personal photography projects and mini-documentaries about stories that I feel should be shared with a broader audience. 
I love using available light but am just at home shooting with flash although I'm not a studio photographer! I create all my photographs and video on location. 


The Story Matters
For me, it's always about the story or should I say my client's story! To achieve this, I'm a highly skilled all-rounder just at home shooting or filming a product, property, landscape, event or a portrait photograph.  I specialise in photographing people and have an informal and inquisitive nature that allows me to bring out the best in the people I meet. Once I've created this visual story, I often work closely with my clients to advise them how to best distribute the content on their website and across their social media platforms, after all, it needs to be seen. Although I started my career on the printed page, I'm just at home creating visual content for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and across all social media platforms, websites and blogs. 
I spotted the exciting potential of live broadcasting when it first launched several years ago on Periscope and regularly "Scope" on the platform. I've amassed hundreds of hours of live broadcasting and built up a large group of followers around the world. Several of my broadcasts have been featured & recommended by Periscope, which at the time pushed the viewing figures through the roof! 
People and brands can now "Go Live" on platforms like Facebook & YouTube although like anything there's a skill required, a bad broadcast just like a poor photograph or video can do more harm than good. After being asked several times by my clients, last year I launched a social media live broadcasting service which has been a great success. 

Lets Cut To The Chase

So if you run a small or large business in Sussex, Worthing, Brighton or the UK and you're looking for an average set of photos to fill up a bit of space on your website or facebook feed, and you don't really do social media I'm probably not your man. If however, you would like to engage with your customers and share the passion you and your staff have of your products and the business you run in a set of creative photographs or via a storytelling video, let's talk. 
Contact me with some details about your business and what you would like to achieve, failing that tell me about your company, product or event. I'll contact you back with some ideas and let you know if I'm able to help. I don't waste people's time and never promise to achieve something I can't deliver, after all my reputation is just as important as yours.