Portsmouth Wedding Photographer - A Stroll Through Old Portsmouth

Being a Portsmouth Wedding Photographer is great fun especially when photographing a wedding in the historic Old Portsmouth, it really gets my creativity flowing. This particular wedding photograph was taken early this year. The couple had just got married at Portsmouth Registry Office and after the ceremony I suggested we headed along to the waters edge in Old Portsmouth. Often when photographing a wedding I have already thought of an image I would like to create, this photograph was no different. I suggested the location a few weeks before to the couple but as we all know the great British weather can be unpredictable at the best of times. However apart from it being rather windy (you can see the Bride holding her veil) the sun was shining. 

Portsmouth wedding photographer Scott Ramsey created this romantic wedding photograph in historic Old Portsmouth.

In this romantic wedding photograph I wanted to show as much of Old Portsmouth as possible. The sun was out but as all good photographers will tell you this can often cause a lot more problems than you think. Luckily my 20 plus years of experience have allowed me to pick up a few techniques along the way :)  Positioning the couple along the water line meant the sun would be off to the side slightly meaning they would not be squinting. As the couple walked along the stony beach I walked backwards shooting photographs with a 28mm wide angle lens. I shoot all my images in RAW which allows me about 1 -2 stops leeway either side on the exposure, ideal in this situation to pull up some shadow details whilst processing the images afterwards.

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Creative Portsmouth wedding photographer Scott Ramsey.

Creative Portsmouth wedding photographer Scott Ramsey.

About The Author

Scott Ramsey is a creative Hampshire wedding photographer. Unlike many wedding photographers Scott started is career as a editorial photographer and his worked has appeared in many national newspapers and magazines. His unique documentary wedding photographs and experience in creating "magazine" style couple photos makes him one of the most sort after photographers in Hampshire.