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Often when photographing an event (in this case a wedding) you observe the situation unfolding. A good photographer understands people and in his or her mind is thinking two or three steps ahead ready for that perfect photo. On this occasion I was photographing a wedding at a converted barn in East Sussex (Blackstock Farm Barn in Hellingly, East Sussex, UK). I was busy taking some informal shots of guests chatting inside the barn when I spotted it had started raining outside. I knew some of the wedding guests would be sheltering from the rain so I decided to keep an eye on them from a doorway. As I watched I spotted the groom was also with them and as I lifted my camera to my eye I thought to myself "All I need now is for him (The Groom) to make a run for it through the rain back into the barn, that would make a nice photo." And as luck or good judgement would have it thats exactly what he did. But what I didn't expect was the fun dance he would do as he splashed through the puddles. Just another reason why I love being a professional wedding photographer. It's moments like this that make all the hard work worth it. 

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A groom dances in the rain during his wedding at Blackstock Farm Barn in East Sussex.

East Sussex wedding photographer Scott Ramsey

East Sussex wedding photographer Scott Ramsey

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Scott Ramsey is a professional wedding photographer with over 20 years experience (read more about him). He covers weddings across East Sussex, Surrey, London and the UK. Scott's photojournalistic approach allows him to capture informal and creative photographs during a wedding. Further information can be found on his Wedding Photography Information page and his wedding photographs can be viewed in his Wedding Photography Portfolio