Tree Against A Winter's Sky

A tree silhouetted against a winters sky. Steyne Gardens, Worthing, West Sussex, UK.

I like tree's. I'm not sure why but there's just something about them that catches my photographers eye. Over the years I most have photographed hundreds. Sometimes a close up, a silhouette or incorporated them into a portrait photograph. I just seem to be drawn towards them. Maybe it's the moss growing on the trunk, the narly looking bark or how the sun light glints through the leaves. To me they seem pretty cool. Just doing there own thing a bit of a rebel in the natural world. Each year growing a bit more, their branches reaching up to the sky and roots creeping across the ground. This particular tree is in Steyne Gardens in Worthing and yesterday as I passed by with (as always) my camera around my neck I noticed how great it looked against the winters sky. Choosing a wide angle lens I stopped and created this photograph. I love how the branches (absent of leaves) had become silhouetted against the winters sky. Let me know if you like it by leaving a comment.