Halloween Photo Shoot Inspired By Fashion And Scary Movies

A Halloween photo shoot inspired by cult scary movies and a fashion photography shoot. 

Happy Halloween. It's that time of year again, to get dressed up and look as scary as you can. To celebrate this ancient Celtic tradition (find out about the history of halloween here) I thought I'd create a set of Halloween photographs with a difference. My idea was simple. What if a character from a horror movie did a fashion photo shoot? Taking inspiration from cult horror movies and blending in the look of a high end urban fashion photography shoot my concept was born. I scouted for a suitable location and settled on an abandoned boat house next to a lake. A quick phone call and with the promise of a few beers, I enlisted the help of my good friend Luke to pose in the photos (the beers on the way, bud). 

The result - my own interpretation of a cool, urban, scary movie, fashion inspired Halloween photography shoot.

Enjoy Halloween and till next time keep safe. Scott the photographer.


Halloween photo shoot at an abandoned boat house. © Scott Ramsey Photography

A masked man stands in front of a graffiti covered wall in this Halloween photo. © Scott Ramsey Photography


No one can here you scream. A Halloween photo shoot. © Scott Ramsey Photography

Halloween 2014. A masked man stands next to a graffiti filled wall. © Scott Ramsey Photography

He's got the look! A Halloween photo taken in an abandoned boat house. © Scott Ramsey Photography

An urban Halloween photo taken in an abandoned boat house. The walls were covered in graffiti and idle for the photo shoot. © Scott Ramsey Photography

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