A London Corporate Photoshoot With A View To Die For

A London Skyline. In the photograph The Shard can be clearly seen towering above the rooftops of the other buildings in London. Photo © Scott Ramsey Photography. 

I love your city can I take a photo?

As a professional photographer often working in London and across the UK, I'm lucky enough to meet some interesting people and visit some great locations. I love travelling for my work especially when I'm visiting a new city for the first time. London is a regular destination for me, but I can always seem to find a new area to explore. 

During a recent staff photography shoot in EC4 for a corporate client I had an amazing view across the roof tops of London. The client's office was on the 17th floor and although at first I didn't have time to photograph the view (The CEO of the company was on his way!) once the photo shoot had finished I had 5 minutes spare to create this photo. The light was dull and overcast but somehow I think this just adds to feel of the photo. A great photo of a great city, London.

Till next time Scott the photographer. 

It's a long way down. Standing close to the window 17 floors up London looks like a toy town below.

Ready for the corporate photo shot. My photo equipment is set up in front of a large window 17 floors up above London.