The Charity Swimmer

Fiona stands on the beach in front of Brighton Pier after completing her first charity swim around the pier. Photo: ©Scott Ramsey Photography

Fiona England is mum to 11 year old Dan who has  Down's Syndrome. Fiona is 50 years old in December and in anticipation of this she's aiming to swim 50K - in 5 epic 10K swims - in rivers, lakes and the sea to raise money for Brighton charity Amaze which supports families with children with Special Educational Needs. Swimming in the sea throughout the year, including all through the winter in just her swimming costume has become a life-line to Fiona. It helps her have the mental well-being to face the challenges of raising a child with a disability and to cope with all that involves. Fiona started swimming a few years ago and has developed strong bond's and friendship's with fellow swimmers through their shared love of cold water sea swimming. 'Others don't understand the appeal of getting into the freezing cold English sea on a cold February morning and it's not something we can explain easily in words, but to us it's life-enhancing, invigorating and......many other things.

Photo slideshow and interview with Fiona England a charity outdoor swimmer.

If people ask us ‘why do you do it?’ then
there is no easy answer. We just do!

Please visit Fiona's Just Giving Page to support & follow her journey.

Fiona stands on Brighton beach after completing her first swim for charity. Outdoor swimming gives her a sense of being part of the world, Photo: ©Scott Ramsey Photography

Fiona enjoys outdoor swimming all year round and chooses to only wear a swimming costume. She assured me that you get used to the cold! Photo: ©Scott Ramsey Photography