Work Starts On A New Photo-Essay at Pells Pool In Lewes Sussex

A new photo-essay by photographer Scott Ramsey - Pells Pool.

Last week I started work on a new photo-essay. I normally have several photography projects running at the same time as they are often self funded and I have to fit them in around assignments for my clients. The new project is at the oldest freshwater outdoor public swimming pool in the United Kingdom, Pells Pool in Lewes. I recently heard about the pool whilst listening to a local radio station and intrigued about it's history and how hard the community have worked to keep it open, I decided it would make a great photo-essay. The pool was built in 1860 and is run by the Pells Pool Community Association who with the help of the local town council and volunteers keep the pool open all summer long for the community to use. Visiting on the day of the first swim of the year I spent several hours photographing staff and local swimmers that use the pool. Along with my photographs I am also making audio recordings which I plan to incorporate into the project. So far thanks to Rob, Phil and the team at Pells Pool I'm really pleased with the project. Everyone has been really helpful and I thought I would share some of the photos I have taken so far with you. Further details about Pells Pool can be found on their website here. If you would like to be kept up to date about this photography project and the other stories that I'm working on please subscribe to my e-newsletter.

Till next time Scott the photographer.

Watched by his friend a young boy holds his nose as he jumps into the swimming pool at Pells Pool in Lewes. © Scott Ramsey Photography

 Tristan ,who has been swimming at the pool for 7 years, cleans his swimming goggles before his swim at Pells Pool in Lewes © Scott Ramsey Photography