Eerie Talking Street Lamp Posts At The Old Market In Hove

Eerie talking street lamp posts outside the Old Market in Hove, England. 

Brighton & Hove are well known for being creative and arty seaside locations on the south coast of England. I love the streets and it's people, having covered many photo assignments there, I really thought I had seen it all. That was until one night last week when I discovered the Talking Lamp Posts! Shared Space & Light a digital mapping company had installed two seemingly ordinary street lamps outside the Old Market in Hove. Nothing unusual in that I hear you say and I would agree, until darkness falls that is and the lamp posts mysteriously come to life! At first you hear a sound and then notice an eerie face appear where the light bulb should be. Passers by stop and watch as these faces tell paranormal tales and ghost stories from the local area. If you would like to see for yourself you can replay the scope that I broadcast live via Periscope on the night. I also interviewed the creators Giles & Kate, who gave me an insight into how they created the project. Click on the links below and watch how the eyes follow me as I move around the posts, its very cool. 

PeriscopeThe Photographers Eye: Amazing Talking Street Lamps in Brighton.

Periscope - The Photographers Eye: Interview With Giles & Kate Creators Of Brighton's Talking Lamp Posts.

A spooky face of a man appears in the lamp post and tells a paranormal tale from the local area.

A woman's face appears in one of the lamp posts outside the Old Market in Hove.

A seemingly normal street lamp comes alive as a woman tells a ghost story.