A Stroll Around Salcombe In Devon

The first Jack Wills store at 22 Fore Street, Salcombe, Devon in England. The clothing brand was founded by Peter Williams and Robert Shaw in 1999. The founders slept above the shop and named the brand after one of the co-founders grandparents. Photo © Scott Ramsey

Day 2.9 - The Photographers Eye Road Trip 

The day was nearly over on day two of my road trip. It had been a busy couple of days and I was just planning my return journey back to Plymouth when I remembered Salcombe was just over the hill!

Well it would be rude not to visit ;-)

Salcombe is a harbour town in the South Hams area of Devon, England. The picturesque costal town is popular with day trippers and holiday makers and gets very busy during the summer holidays. The town has a narrow main street full of shops selling everything from ice cream to pre-made picnics and the latest fashions. A short ferry trip across the estuary and you have access to beautiful beaches and walks through the countryside. I love Salcombe, in fact everybody loves Salcombe, especially the sailors, and I really must spend more time here. I would love to discover more about the community, it's traditions and the local people that live and work in the town, when us tourists have all gone home. All I need is a boat and a few weeks spare to just relax and enjoy the place. Maybe one day! For now my day dreaming will have to wait. The sun is getting lower in the sky and surprisingly for such a nice evening it looks like I have the town to myself, ideal for a quick stroll, a few photos and maybe an ice cream ;-)

Till next time, Scott.

Postcards From Salcombe

Looking along Union Street in Salcombe, Devon boats can be seen moored in Batson Creek. Photo © Scott Ramsey

Looking past the Mac's General store in Fore St, Salcombe colourful houses can be seen further along the road. Photo © Scott Ramsey

The Ferry Inn overlooks the estuary in Salcombe. Photo © Scott Ramsey

As the evening light starts to fade the East Portlemouth Ferry crosses the estuary on it's journey back to the harbour in Salcombe. Photo © Scott Ramsey

Before you go 

So after eating a lovely ice cream, I started my journey back through South Hams to Plymouth and Mrs C's B&B. It was a beautiful evening and as I drove along the narrow country roads, I spotted a couple of cows in a field. Stopping the car in a nearby lane I walked back and took a few photos. As I did word must have got around as I was joined by the entire herd who walked over to say hello :-)

Calves stand in a farmers field in South Hams, Devon, England. © Scott Ramsey

Calves standing in a farmers field in South Hams, Devon, England. © Scott Ramsey

A herd of bull calves standing in a farmers field in South Hams, Devon, England. © Scott Ramsey

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