Commercial Photography Brighton - Female Skaters Summer Photoshoot At The Level


Commercial photography in Brighton, and across the UK, has thankfully changed a lot in the last few years. The days of over staged, smiley and often boring photos have finally gone, and instead, brands and companies are looking for creative, cool, stylish editorial lifestyle photos. (Note to self: Look up cool? Is it still okay to use? Or is cool no longer cool!)

It's not that I ever specialised in the later as my style of photography has always been about telling a story with emotive images. It's just so much easier now that clients get the look from day one. Everyone is so much more visually aware these days, Power to the Photography. I know not everyone gets it and that's cool (darn I used it again). But hopefully, you'll be reading this because you need a set of great photos to promote your business and I'm here to help. So here we go.

I took these photos in Brighton on a beautiful summers day. I'd heard about a group of female skaters who were working hard to encourage girls to learn to skate, and I spent the day with them at the mecca for skaters, The Level. Now I'll let you into a secret - I can't skate, I know you're surprised, but it's true. I tried when I was a kid, but I just couldn't get on with it. I was much more a BMX Bandit, but that's a whole other story. So although I gave up trying to skate what has remained with me is the respect and admiration for the sport and its a subculture. I guess it's the rebel in me! When I think of skating, and surfing come to think of it, I think of those classic American images of the '70s and '80s. The big swimming pools used as temporary skating parks, the blue skies and oversaturated colour photographs. The images showed movement, places, but also told me about the people, what clothes they wore and how they looked. Heck, they even gave me a sense of what they were feeling. Impressive stuff to get all this from a photograph or two, especially when I'm not even a skater, just a mere picture taker. But imagine you're a skater and imagine this is your world and how the images you see connect with you. From the skateboard to the clothes to the accessories and heck even the location, they will all be remembered. Great images make the viewer feel something, and the good news is it doesn't just work for skating brands. Clothing stores, coffee shops, hotels, bakeries the list goes on. It works for all types of businesses. So in my best New York accent,

"Listen up, everyone. Here, right now in 2019, photography and visuals are key to everything. Create amazingly beautiful lifestyle and editorial, commercial photographs for whatever product you sell or service you offer, and you'll be remembered, fact."

And the excellent news is I'm available for hire, oh yes. So if you're a Brighton based business or maybe a brand who's based further afield who needs a professional Brighton Commercial Photographer, contact me, I'll be happy to help.