Brighton Pier An Alternative Photograph

An alternative view of Brighton Pier.

I have photographed Brighton Pier many times before, just as many photographers have done before me. I think that I have probably photographed every angle possible of this famous Brighton seaside attraction. At day, night, during the summer time, winter and spring. Over the years I have indeed photographed it a lot! Maybe I'm obsessed with it? I just find myself being drawn to it every time I walk along the seafront in Brighton. However I'm not alone it's a tradition in the UK. Us Brits love Piers. I can guarantee at some point during a bank holiday weekend the call will go out from a Mum or Dad to the kids "Lets go out and get some fresh air. We can go for a walk along the pier".

So it was no surprise during a recent winter's day stroll I once again found myself being seduced by the sights and sounds of The Pier. However much I protested in my head "You have so many photos of this, do you really need another one?" the draw was just to much. However this time I decided was going to be different. This time I'll find an alternative view to photograph. So as tourists and locals explored all the splendors the pier has to offer I walked down some steps leaving them behind. As I explored I found a walk way leading underneath. Dark, damp and a little smelly I ventured further into the darkness . As my eyes adjusted I was relieved to be alone as wondering around with a expensive camera might have brought me some unwelcome attention. However there was nothing to fear and as I explored further carefully trying not to step in some rather unpleasant items late night party goers had left behind. I spotted my photo. And as I framed the photograph I thought yes I've found my photo of Brighton Pier.......Well until next time!

I hope you enjoy it. 


 Scott Ramsey Photographer

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Scott Ramsey is a photojournalist with over 20 years experience. He can regularly be spotted wondering around Brighton, camera in hand creating his photographs. Along with his personal photography projects he also covers assignments for corporate and editorial clients. Read more 

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