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The painting on the wall of a nightclub called Madame Geisha in East Street, Brighton, East Sussex, UK.

Sundays can be a bit boring especially this time of year when the days are short and the weather is bad. However don't despair I have some exciting news. Drum roll please……. from today you can now buy my photographs online. Yes you heard me correctly. Ok I admit it's not in the same league as getting the news that you have just won the Lottery! But hang on in there and I'll explain why its even better that a lotto win. 

  1. Feeling fed up and have the winter blues? Brighten up your home or office with a lovely print. Now that empty space on your wall or desk will be filled with a great photograph. There to inspire you each time you walk past. Happy Days.
  2. Stuck for a Christmas or Birthday present for the person that already has everything? Don't panic choose a photograph from my online photography print gallery and make someone's day very special. Best Present Buyer In The World.
  3. 57 channel's and there's nothing on (The telly that is) ? No problem at all. Order your favourite photograph as a print. When the postman comes knocking just switch the TV off and stick the print on the screen. Now you will always have something to look at and you will even save electricity as well. Eco Friendly and cool.
  4. DIY not your thing? Home improvements can be a real pain. If your anything like me you finally get around to putting up that shelf but as soon as the drill hits the wall all the plaster falls off leaving a nice big hole. And don't even get me started on what happens when the drill bit hits a really hard brick and slides across the entire wall in the wrong direction! Don't disappear put the shelf up with "No Nails" and buy one of my photographs to hang over that hole. DIY Good Karma.

Well, maybe I was fibbing a bit about it being better then winning the lottery. Mind you that sure would be a great. Just like you (I'm sure) I often day dream about what I would spend the money on if I won the jackpot. My dream would be to travel the UK, hell maybe Europe or the World photographing different cultures and people. Creating photo essays about subjects that the media don't report on. Raise awareness of the struggles people face through my photographs. And the beauty of it all would be that I would not be constrained by money or the need to sell my work. Just free to record life, meet people and take my photographs. I'd publish my photographs on my blog and create photo books every now and then.

To make a difference with my photographs would be my dream. 

Until then I have decided to take matters into my own hands. With the help, advice and inspiration from my youngest son Max I have decided to sell my photographs via Smugmug, a popular online photography hosting platform that enables professional photographers to sell their photos. I don't expect to make millions……however that would be nice :) Instead something a little more modest, the plan is simple. The profit that I make from any sales will be used so I can finally cover these stories that I have been wanting to photograph for so long now. It might not allow me an all expenses paid month long trip to a far flung country but I'm sure between the weddings and corporate photography assignments (that I still love to cover) I'll have the time to photograph at least some of the ideas that I have.

Postcards for sale outside a shop in Brighton, East Sussex. 

Postcards for sale outside a shop in Brighton, East Sussex. 

So please take a look at my gallery of photographs and if your funds allow buy a print. Photographs will be regularly added and the story behind them told on this blog, so call back again soon or follow my RSS Feed (See below). The cost of a print starts from only £19.99 plus P&P. They can be delivered worldwide, paid for securely online and come with a 100% SmugMug print guarantee. 

I hope you agree this really is not to much to spend considering you will be getting an original photograph rather than a mass produced print from a internet store. However even if you can't afford a print (I know times are tough for everyone these days) then please spread the word and tell everyone you know about my blog and gallery. Getting the word out via social media and via word of mouth will really help.

The direct link is

Links will also be added to each blog posting.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and please feel free to leave a comment about my photography, the idea or even what you would do if you won the lottery!

 Scott Ramsey Photographer

About The Author

Scott is a professional UK photojournalist with over 20 years experience. Through his photographs he hopes to raise awareness in subjects often over looked my the main stream media. A lover of the art of photography and the method of telling a story via photographs he is every evolving and exploring new methods to create and distribute his work. 

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