Travel Photography Cornwall | A St Ives Boat Trip

Travel Photography Cornwall - A fisherman prepares his fishing boat before heading out to sea for a day of fishing at the harbour in St Ives, Cornwall, UK. Photo © Scott Ramsey

A Beautiful Day For Taking Travel Photos And Enjoy A Boat Trip In St Ives

Day 5 The Travelling Photographers Cornish Road Trip

Early afternoon and we could not believe our luck, could it really be March? The sun was out and it was a beautiful day in St Ives, Cornwall. We had started out from Plymouth early that morning and driven across Cornwall stopping briefly for a pasty on route, very tasty it was too. 

St Ives is a beautiful seaside town in South West England and a very popular holiday resort. From as far back as medieval times fishing has played an important part in the towns economy. A method of fishing called "Seining" was often used and involved the use of three boats with a crew numbering 18, the prefered catch was Pilchards. In the mid 1700's the combined catches from St Ives and the other major Cornish ports averaged 900 million fish and in 1868 the greatest number of fish ever caught in one seine happened in St Ives. 

Now days, due to the decline of the fishing industry, sadly there are just a handful of fisherman left. Like many seaside resorts tourism has replaced  the lost fishing fleets and people travel from all over the world to visit this beautiful town.

I first visited St Ives several years ago and if I'm honest before visiting I had wondered what all the fuss was about! Sure the photos on a Google looked nice and I was looking forward to my holiday but why was everyone so passionate about this place? I found my answer within 10 minutes of arriving, the light! For others it might be the beach, harbour, boat trips, restaurants or clear blue sea but for me it's defiantly the light. The light in St Ives is beautiful, in fact through out Cornwall and Devon it's beautiful, but in this town it's something very special, an artists dream. It's difficult to put into words, so I won't even try ;-) and instead just share some of photographs I took during a short boat trip I took from the harbour. I hope you enjoy my photographs.

Till next time, Scott. 

Photographs From St Ives By Editorial Photographer Scott Ramsey

For me, Travel Photography here in the UK is so enjoyable, especially as I don't have to do too much of the travel part! Unlike much larger countries you only have to travel an hour or so, and you'll find yourself in an entirely different English County with its very own unique customs, landscape and often unusual dialect. I love documenting my journey, meeting new people and sharing their stories in the photographs I take. So if you're brand or publication looking for a UK based editorial travel photographer who loves exploring Cornwall I'd love to work with you, my contact details are here.