The Business Of Marketing - Creative Photography Helps Promote A Littlehampton Small Business In West Sussex

Creating a great set of storytelling photographs really helps to promote a business. I took this photo of Kathy & Andy, owners of The Bottle & Jar Company in Littlehampton, outside their business premises in West Sussex. Creative lighting helps the couple stand out from the warehouse doors and along with some careful positioning of the subjects I've managed to include the business signage in the image as well. Photo © Scott Ramsey.

I really enjoy creating marketing content for small businesses in West Sussex and a recent photography assignment in Littlehampton was no exception. The Bottle & Jar Company is a family run business which is owned by Kathy & Andy. They took over the day to day running of the business from Kathy's sister, and after relocating all the stock from Devon, they have seen a steady increase in sales. They specialise in selling bottles and jars which they distribute all over the UK, to small & large companies, from deli's to market stall holders and jam/marmalade makers. My brief was to create content to help promote and market the business in the local area, and I could use whichever format (Video, Live Video, Photography) I thought best. After an initial meeting and finding out more about the business and its backstory, which is essential in the way that I work, we agreed to feature Kathy & Andy in the photographs. 
Here's an insight into why I decided on this approach - Sure, I believe that competitive prices and excellent products are essential, but at the end of the day, people buy from other people, not from a cool sounding name or great looking logo, although this plays a small part. As a customer, if you receive excellent service, the staff are friendly, and you connect with them because you feel like you know them a little it makes a world of difference. So to achieve this, I decided to show the owners of The Bottle & Jar Company (Kathy & Andy) in my photographs and to try and include their personalities in the images. I'm delighted with the final photos, and I know Kathy & Andy were too. I used the pictures on a local website - here's the link, and Facebook page that I manage for another client, and I have also just sent them along with a press release to a local newspaper. It's amazing how many uses a client gets from only one set of high quaily images.  

So to recap here's one of my top business marketing tips for any size of business. 
Tell your story! Share your day and show people who you are and why you love doing what you do. Business is personal so share some behind the scenes photos or a video, just remember to stay professional at all times as no one wants to see your recent holiday snaps! 

If you have any questions or would like to find out how I can help your business tell your story, please contact me, I'll be happy to help.